Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My muscle man

I just ran across this video of my muscle man, James. Jared & I laughed so hard that I had to share it. The pull-ups add just the right effect if you ask me. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Blankie

I have a problem with taking on too many projects. This wasn't one of them but everything else going on at the time was. In the end, I had to put it together in two days with the tying on the third. I had been printing the pictures and gathering messages for a while before though-thank goodness! So, without further it is...

There's more to the quilt and hopefully I will have more pictures e-mailed to me so that I can post them.

This was the final block at the bottom of the quilt.

I can post a picture!

Look what I figured out to do! Thanks Shannon! This was our 2007 family picture but one of my favorites. Of course the kids are bigger now and now that I know how to do it, I can upload more fun pictures of them. Not too many of me though...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wanna be my friend?

This blog thing is going to take a while to learn so bear with me. My sister, Shannon, was here over the weekend for a family reunion of sorts and she signed me up on facebook, too. That's a crazy thing!!! Wanna be my friend? That'll take me a while to figure out too.

My mom turned 60 last week so we had a little birthday party/reunion in Safford, AZ. As I mentioned, my sister, Shannon, flew in from GA and my little sister, Peggy, came in from FL with her husband and new little addition, Jonah Allen (cute little guy). My oldest brother, Jim, blessed Jonah in my mom's ward in Safford on Sunday and he bapized his little daughter, Lindsey, the night before so it was a nice gathering.

I made this great little blankie for my mom's b-day present. I printed pictures of all my siblings (there are 11 of us in total) as well as all the grandkids and some older family pictures onto fabric and sewed them into a lovely little purple blanket. Most of my brothers and sisters sent me a personal message to add to their blocks, I think it was a neat thing. Turned out really sisters, Shannon & Amber, helped tie it before we went down to the reunion. I'll post a picture of it soon.

Now we're home and it's so nice to sleep in my own bed-I really love my bed but it would require it's own posting to explain why, it's a really nice bed-and then I woke up this morning with a terrible chest cold. Nice...

So, my question is: Is this how you blog? Just write stuff? I'm not sure of the protocol yet but just in case anyone was wondering about this stuff...there you go.