Monday, May 18, 2009

The longest week!

My sister-in-law, Julia, and I started this little deal to do boutiques. It's called Lee Lee's Goodies-( check it out!)-so I (we) spent the last two weeks getting ready for our first official boutique that took place over the weekend. We did something like it last summer so it's kind of our second gig. Anyway, I was up til 1 or 2 every night and up bright and early the next morning at 6ish. That is soooooooooo not me. I have never been more exhausted in my whole life-mind you, I served a mission and I know exhaustion! So finally the boutique came and went and then I went to sleep. I feel like I've slept for 2 days now but I've probably been awake, not sure. But when I did finally wake up, maybe yesterday or sometime, the exhaustion settled in my chest and I think if I keep coughing, my lung is going to fall out!

Anyway, then after my nap yesterday, we went to dinner at Stephen's parents (which we usually do on Sunday) with his family. This really freak thing happened-James was going down the slide in the back yard, getting ready to anyway, and the slide broke-came crashing down. The poor little guy came down with it! I think he hit his head and hurt his back but hasn't seemed to be too bad. He had a headache yesterday and his neck hurt a little this morning. There sure was a lot of hullaballoo about that slide falling~that didn't help my long week much.

So, here it is Monday and I have woken up enough to look around the house that I have neglected for the past week...can I just say that I'm in for another long week? I think that I'll just go back to sleep...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Here's to Terri...

My 70 year old neighbor passed away yesterday. It's odd. I believe she had a heart attack several hours before she was found by her grandson. It's a sad thing because she left a couple of children and a grandchild or two and they'll probably miss her. I really don't feel sad-I just feel sort of happy for her. Of course I'm sorry for those few she left behind, that's always hard no matter who you are.

I've been thinking a lot about it because what I think is so sad is how she lived her life. She was probably one of the most miserable people in the world! She joined the church several years ago and has wanted nothing to do with it or the people for a while now. I know that there were some issues with people that kept her away but she just didn't understand enough about it. She blamed all of her problems on other things and people. She spent her life watching after her son. Most of us would do that but her son is nearly 50, in and out of jail, constantly being evicted, selling and posessing, and a very mean drunk. In the last few years she had taken to drinking heavily and she's a pretty mean drunk, too. Due to some unfortunate incidences in the neighborhood, we took out an order of protection against her [temper] and her son.

The thing is, I know she wasn't happy at all. I had felt lately that it was time to bury the hatchet and I had planned too. She had a birthday in February and I was going to pay her a visit. But the day before, some law enforcement stopped by my house looking for her and I got scared so I didn't go. Perhaps that was a missed opportunity?? Maybe she was nice afterall...

So I've been thinking about this and as a tribute to her, I decided that I would never be like her. I think, looking back on her life, that she'd agree that it is a fitting tribute. She died with nothing but misery, the way she lived. She had very little family and I doubt she had many friends. Who will come to her funeral? Will there even be a funeral? What will happen to her house and possessions since she was so alone? I want to live my life to make other people happy, I don't want to ever be alone and have to blame my sad times on others. I hope that those whom she did leave behind will be at peace knowing that she has another chance to fix those things she did in this life.

So-here's to Terri. I hope she can forgive me for not being a better neighbor. And I hope that now, she knows who she is.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just rambling...

So, my sister has a blog and she just writes things, even if she doesn't have any pictures. In my attempt to not become a "blogger", I've realized that I truly am not. But, I might as well write something.

I really like the look of my blog today. My sister, Shannon, made it all pretty for me. You should see her blog, it's really neat.

I'm getting ready to do a boutique with my sister-in-law Julia. We've done one before so we decided to make a go at it. We're calling our boutique stuff "Lee Lee's Goodies" and she even put together a blog. There's nothing on there though. But watch for that though because we are making lots of stuff.

I lost 4 piano students this week. I always feel sad when that happens, especially these kids. I've had the family for nearly 5 years. Hopefully they can come back, this economy just isn't good. Good luck to them!

Here's something cool. I found my old friend Rachel Nichols on Facebook. We were best friends in our college days. I'd call her my "soul sister"...good times, good times! It's been fun to see her again and catch up a bit. She was one of my bridesmaids at my wedding and honestly, haven't seen her since then. That was nearly 10 years ago. The funny thing is that she has lived within about 10 miles of me all this time! We're so silly!

More goofy rambling tomorrow or next month sometime. We'll see...